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Ali Dunn – Trisports Sponsored Rider

Ali Dunn @AliDunn2 – Trisports sponsored rider

Riding a Trisports workshop prepared Trek ticket

4th February 2017 –  So arrival day in Barcelona…

After checking in at Luton and seeing the bike go into the luggage haul I set off at 9am to Barcelona…


Landed at Barcelona at 12:30 and got to the  hotel and built the bike up which was unscathed as well as the Trisports Bike box..


After settled into the room and dropping the luggage there it got onto bike building which took little to no time and not trouble thanks to the advice from Matt when we put it in Thursday morning..


The temperature was perfect and sun beating down it was perfect weather to get our first laps in at the famous jump bike park La Poma..

The lines of jumps there are a work of art looking so crisp and squared off and work perfectly.. we spent the whole afternoon riding the small set of jumps before lining up towards the big sets and also the ‘speed and style’ course they have which is basically a dual slalom with a big dirt jump to finish…


Ending the day with a well earned pint I’ve finished the day loving it and can’t wait to go bigger and bigger the next few days I’m here!


Thanks to Matt and the team for sorting the bike, bike box, tools and will be updating you with photos as the days go on.. I’ll have some photos to follow for today also…

Cheers and enjoy wet cold England







* Thank you Peter Ford for the action shots.




* Thank you Mex Photography for the outdoor action shots.

Ali Jump




Chicksands Bike Park – Sunday 13.03.16

Round One  of the National 4X Series. Category ‘Big Fun’

“So today’s race went far better than expected, resulting in a 2nd place podium in the ‘A’ final of my category…

Not to bad for a single speed trick monkey aye… Ahaha.

It was 3 Moto’s into a semi-final to an ‘A’ and ‘B’ final… I nailed all the Moto’s with 1st place finishes and the same in the semi final…

Ali web 1

With me sitting in top spot points I chose my lane for finals and got in the gate.. A poor gate start meaning I dropped to 4th but got the inside line in the 1st turn and moved up to 2nd chasing for 1st but just couldn’t get passed..


Ali web 2a

The bike was awesome and I had a rad day!”




Ali with Matt (workshop) and Michael (Owner).
Ali with Matt (workshop) and Michael (Owner).


Ali is 22 years old and works fulltime as a session coach at the lee valley Velopark London. @LeeValleyVP   https://www.visitleevalley.org.uk/


What do you coach?

Every discipline from BMX, MTB, track & even the very rare bit of road. I am also the head of maintenance for the BMX track. Doing everything from sweeping it to fixing damaged areas.

What events have you planned for this year?

The Dirtwars UK Series http://www.dirtwarsuk.com/

Ali at Chicksands
Ali at Chicksands


It’s a dirt jump series based on the freestyle side of the MTB world. Where each rider is judged on everything from complication of trick, airtime & variety. Each run is compared against other competitors to get a final spot at each event in the series.


There is plenty of risk involved, so how do you learn a new trick?

It depends on the trick to be honest. When it comes to tricks like flips & the more complicated & risk filled ones, then they are taken to foam pits. This is basically a ramp into a big enclosure of foam blocks where there’s no risk of me hurting myself & can perfect them until i am ready for the real ramps.

Other than that, when it comes to no hander’s & no foots tricks, I tend to use a jump with a soft landing, as I am less likely to break myself lol. The pads protect me enough from those dreaded ‘pedal to shin’ moments & the chopped up landings provide a bit of forgiveness.


How did you get into cycling?

Must of been when I was about 8 or 9 and I had just been bought a BMX after playing games like Dave Mirra freestyle bmx and watching old riding DVD’s like the NWD series’, focus and many more….

The Trek Ticket at the Velo Park
The Trek Ticket at the Velo Park


After watching those my neighbour that had recently moved in at the time had started getting his children of similar age into bmx racing as he was an avid mountain biker himself and asked if I wanted to come along to one as knew I was interested in it and was hooked from there.. I did everything from cross-country rides to touching on the free-ride element of the sport but as soon as I saw gapped dirt jumps and tricks i was hooked.


What cycling injuries have you had?

Generally with injuries over the years I’ve been fairly lucky with just cuts and grazes and the odd trip to hospital to get stitches in the leg on the odd occasion in the years where you thought pads were pointless haha….all that changed though in June 2013…

I’d turned up to a new set of jumps I hadn’t ridden before. I did the usual routine of having a look through the set of jumps so I knew what I was going into and there wasn’t any unexpected things lying in the middle of the jumps and then took one run through the first two in the line so I knew if I had the right speed or not. I felt good so told a friend I’ll go through the whole lot now on the second run. All I remember from then on was rolling into the first jump then waking up in hospital the next morning with a neck brace on.

From what I was told I had blacked out going into the first jump but there was nothing through on the medical tests done that indicated as to why and no reason to it…. Long and short, I was kept awake for a long time during the evening and first night in hospital due to the concussion I had being serious enough if I had fallen asleep I would’ve slipped into a coma but also sustained a fracture in my neck, almost ruining every ligament and muscle between and had to get my chin stitched back up and just above my top lip….

I spent a week in hospital then a further 10 weeks out to recover and let it all heal properly then I was allowed to ride again…

Jump 2
Ali in action


How did you come back after such a horrific injury?

So after the eleven weeks away from the bike I was allowed to ride again and couldn’t wait… I met some riding friends over at the local jumps and went from there…

It took me a long while to get into it especially with the injury being so fresh I didn’t want to risk crashing in case it meant a trip back to hospital straight away which I definitely didn’t want… The other side of the coin was my mind telling me if I didn’t push myself through the nervous barrier then I may not get back to where I left off. Turns out I listened to that over the ‘pace yourself’ side of my mind haha…

By the end of the session I’d got myself through the smaller set of jumps even though a bit shaky on the bike still and I was happy. But not happy enough, apparently, as I’d started looking at the big line and that’s where even my friends were starting to tell me to pace myself. I didn’t listen, being a stubborn 19 year old at the time, and made my way to the top… By the end of the session I’d done the big set of jumps even with everyone looking the other way… Looking back it wasn’t probably the best decision first day back on but I don’t think I’d be where I am now if I hadn’t …


2016 Trek Ticket
2016 Trek Ticket


The Trek Ticket Frame Set


Race Shop Limited: Dirt Jumper for the C3 Project.

Short chainstays and compact cockpit for a flickable ride.

Designed for 100mm of progressive, jumpable travel.

Light, strong frame is built to perform under abuse.


Alpha Platinum Aluminium, 142×12 rear spacing, horizontal sliding dropout for geared or single-speed, E2 tapered head tube, 73mm threaded BB, ISCG 05

Headset: FSA Orbit, E2, sealed cartridge bearing.













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