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Breeze Rides from Trisports

British Cycling’s Breeze is the biggest programme ever to get more women riding bikes for fun and fitness. Our amazing Breeze Champions are helping thousands of women feel fitter and more confident on a bike.

Rides from 3 miles to 30+.

All ages and abilities welcome.

Friendly and supportive.

No one will get left behind as the group will cycle at a pace that's comfortable for everyone.

For more information Please enter 'Trisports' in the search box on the Breeze ride website to see all out planned rides:

Items to take with you: A spare inner tube suitable for your bike and a pump that correctly fits to the valve of your inner tube. Pumps and inner tubes are available at Trisports for purchase.

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Meet Bev Graham Trisports Breeze Leader

Bev has been leading Breeze Rides on a regular basis from Trisports for over a year & other Breeze rides throughout Hertfordshire.

What made you become a Breeze Leader?

There was a link On the work place challenge website (an exercise based competition for any workplace to enter, points were turned into prizes and awarded to individuals and teams/workplaces with the most points)  asking for volunteers to become a Breeze champion.

I had been considering doing some voluntary work and this sounded right up my street as I love cycling & I enjoy meeting people. I have the communication skills required for this sort of thing as I am also a qualified ski instructor and I felt I wanted to put something back into the sport of cycling that I love.

It was either this or work at an animal rescue centre but I figured that would be too dangerous As I’d want to take all the animals home.

Joanna Rowsell Shand MBE

We had a visit from cycling royalty on our Breeze ride on Sunday when Joanna Rowsell Shand MBE, Breeze ambassador, double Olympic gold medal winner, 5 times world champion, holder of 2 world records and Breeze champion came on our Breeze ride from Costellos in Fairlands Valley Park. The ride was a 20 mile route on the Stevenage Cycling tracks closing the Stevenage Cycling festival which has been taking place over the summer.

Breeze champions were invited to enter a competition to win the chance for Joanna to join their ride and a team of us put together a presentation which caught the eye of Joanna and our presentation was one of 2 winners Joanna chose from 75 entries.

Michelle Brackin

How did you become involved with Breeze Rides?

After seeing a poster advertising a beginners Breeze ride in my local Trisports shop in February 2016, I nervously turned up to a Saturday morning at Trisports for a 5 mile ride from Station road to Radwell Meadows. I met Bev Graham (Area Co-ordinator) who was leading the ride & some other ladies, including Charlie Adams who I’d met previously.

After that, I became a regular on planned Breeze rides, enjoying each one & progressing onto longer rides. This also helped me with the challenge of completing the London to Brighton ride, going from 5 miles up to 54 miles.

All of this achieved from becoming involved with Breeze, so much so Bev suggested Charlie and I would be great Breeze Champions and we embarked on Level 1 training course over in Hatfield where we had to undertake a practical on the road training, on assisting and leading Breeze rides, this was a success, to then complete Level 2 training to be able to lead on longer rides.

I love being a Breeze Champion as it’s inspired me & it inspiring for other ladies to get out on their bikes, to explore our lovely surrounding countryside, which they may have never done by themselves and as a group of ladies going out on our bikes I feel it empowers ladies and gives them confidence, and that’s what Breeze is all about.

From my experience I would encourage ladies to become involved with Breeze.

Michelle (in red) pictured outside Trisports



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48 Station Road, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, SG6 3BE

01462 683615  |  info@trisports.co.uk

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