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Trisports Running Group

We are a small, friendly group who meet each Thursday at Trisports, Letchworth, leaving the shop at 6.30pm. In addition to the Thursday run all have two additional ‘homework’ runs to complete. As you will see by the updates below, many of the run group have taken to triathlons and cycling events too.

If you would like to join us please contact Alison, at Trisports for more information. Telephone: 01462 683615

January 2019

Gibraltar 10K January 2019

A second place for Lisa and a fourth place for Jane at the Gibraltar 10K in the same age group and  4th and 7th female in the race overall. Nice result indeed! So good to run in the heat of the sun during January too.

February 2019

Lynda, Lisa and Katherine

Lynda, Lisa and Katherine are training for their first half marathon under the guidance of Larry (who has completed several in the past).

4 of the 5 in the group have matching Mizuno Mujin Goretex Trail shoe on, ensuring their feet stayed nice and dry during their long run recently (Shoes all fitted and purchased from Trisports).

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Sunday 7th October 2018

Standalone 10k 2018

On Sunday 7th October, 23 Trisports Run Group members completed Standalone 10k. This is the biggest group we have had do this great event. Many PB’s were achieved which is the result of the hard work everyone has put in over the last few months.

We also had several ‘youngsters’ doing the children’s 2k race.


Lisa H: 44:35 PB

Sacha: 46:12 PB

Jane: 50:55 PB by 2.5m

Dan: 50:44 PB by 2m

James: 51:49 PB

Shelly: 52:17 PB by 1s !

Mike: 54:51

Sue: 55:10

Roxann: 57:10 PB by 4.5m

Carly: 58:59 PB

Katherine: 1:01:01 PB

Natalie: 1:01:05

Di:  59:38 PB

Gita: 1:01:55

Claire: 1:02:24 PB by 10m!

Helen: 1:02:42

Nicky: 1:03:09

Sam: 1:09:39

Joy: 1:09:49 PB

Ruth: 1:11:23

Charlie: 1:16:10

Larry: 1:16:10

Lynda: 1:16:11

Sunday 15th April 2018

Trisports Run Challenge

Nearly 50 runners and walkers turned up to take up Trisports Run Challenge. They completed 206 laps in total, around Norton Common, raising £600 for The Garden House Hospice Care. Absolutely amazing effort by everyone from Lap counters to cake makers, to runners/walkers completing one or more laps. Our youngest runner was only 3 years old, and our oldest - well that's a secret!!!

Thank you to everyone who supported this event, especially our friends at North Herts Road Runners and Ben Smith who put together this excellent video.

1st October 2017

Standalone 10k

Well done to each and everyone one of Trisports Run Group at Standalone 10k. It really was a proud moment to see so many green Trisports shirts on the start line. Hopefully you all ‘enjoyed’ the race, especially those whose first 10k it was.

You should all be very proud!

5th February 2017

Nicky Tyler

London Cancer Research Winter Run 10k – great event, well organised, fun and a worthy cause. Official time 57:57 – really thrilled! Thanks Alison, all those hills and intervals really do pay dividends! Well done to all who have done events and training this weekend. Especially Elspeth as you’ll see when she posts her time! x

Sunday 4th March 2018

London – The Big Half

Well today we spent our day in London running The Big Half. Great event worth signing up for next year. The weather couldn’t make up its mind and was warmer than we had dressed for. Brilliant running Michelle for someone who’s longest run this year was 7 Miles, now onto the great north run.

11th February 2018

Love Welwyn 10k

Well done to the seven lovely ladies who completed the ‘Love Welwyn 10k.

Great results for you all. You have done Trisports Run Group proud.

Well done to Lisa and Sam on their first 10k,  Gita, Lynda, Karen and Carly for PB’s.  Carolyn was yours a PB?

Carolyn and Karen 54:59 PB’s

Gita 1:01:31 PB

Sam 1:04:17 First 10k

Carly 1:11:21 PB by nearly 4 minutes

Lisa 1:11:57 First 10k

Lynda 1:12:14 – PB by 8 minutes!!!

Well done everyone, all your hard work paid off.

5th February 2017

London Cancer Research

Nicky Tyler has summed it up pretty well – a fun event with polar bears, huskies, penguins & lots of music as we ran round the sights of the City, and all for the benefit of Cancer Research, a cause close to many of our hearts I’m sure.

After finishing, I had to walk another 5k or so to meet up with Chip & our friends, which wasn’t so good!

Official time….55:23 – pleased with that! Even more pleased with the lovely hot bath when I got home.

PS – it doesn’t look like it but I was running in the photo, about 5k in, having thrown my hat at my groupies.



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48 Station Road, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, SG6 3BE

01462 683615  |  info@trisports.co.uk

48 Station Road, Letchworth, Herts, SG6 3BE 01462 683615  |  info@trisports.co.uk