bike fitting service (cycle fit)

You won’t believe what the right fit can do for you. Trek Precision Fit is the best way to improve your performance on the bike.

A proven process

A personal fitting experience will address your specific needs, giving you a tailor-made solution that will lead to countless hours of faster, more comfortable and more enjoyable riding.

By the end of your bike fit, you will not only know more about your proper posture and position, but you'll take away a complete assessment that documents your specific needs and preferences.

The Interview

Your Precision Fit technician will talk with you to learn your goals and needs as a cyclist.

Physical Assesment

Before you get on the bike, your fit technician will assess your range of motion and flexibility.

Shoe Set up

You and your technician will determine your proper shoe selection (if required) and cleat placement to give you a sound foundation.

Lower Body Set up - Unlock your ideal posture and power

Set-up starts with saddle selection (if required), and continues via a series of incremental adjustments to create your ideal biomechanical alignment.

Upper Body Set up

Here's where your fit takes its final form, with proper stem height and reach, and handlebar shape and width to optimise your posture and power.